Apr 20, 2004

Landmark Education (The Forum)

Do you know people who have attended this seminar? I do
and have attended myself. It seems that so many "graduates"
cannot stop talking about the central themes of "integrity",
"being their word" and others. It's like they really cannot
stop talking about it.

But that's not the weird thing about it. What's really weird
is how impossible it seems to be for these people to actually
do what they say (be their word) or have integrity (which
I think of as actions consistent with their stated beliefs).
It's like a truly rare thing with these people.

Now, I'll admit that I may have meet people who have
integrity and have attended The Forum but who just don't
talk about it. But it is safe to say that the more
out-of-the-closet a Landmark graduate... the more vocal...
the more true this trend seems to be.