Dec 4, 2008

Comments On

I just turned on this blog's comment feature and will see how that goes for a while. It is set such that I get to moderate them for now but that could change.

Another bail-out idea

Unfortunately, I have thought about this one even less than the other. But, what if instead of giving the big three cash to tide them over we treat it as a pre-payment on the design and delivery of massive amounts of mass transit projects?

Theoretically at least, this seems to address the automakers short term economic problem, the putting-people-to-work problem, the general economic stimulus problem and the fuel/global warming problem at the same time. I think that a key part of a fuel/global warming solution would not be hybrid or other cars getting 50 mile per gallon. That only delays the inevitable. Rather, a solution would include mass transit in urban areas that would allow you to go anywhere with the same comfort as, and more convenience than, a car.

Certainly it does not address the fact that the "big 3" need immediate operating capital and the fact that this money will be spent long before any such design could begin.