Jul 5, 2008

"Final Solution" for wax figure

Today was opening day of the new branch of Madame Tussauds* wax museum, in Berlin . Leading up to this day there had been a growing controversy over the fact that the museum was to contain a wax figure of Hitler.

It looks like one of the first people through the door already had a solution to the problem in mind. A final solution you might say.

When the museum opened this person went directly to the Hitler statue, pushed the guard out of the way... then ripped the figure's head off it's body.

* It goes against my grain to write it that way but neither their own website or the Wikipedia article use the possessive apostrophe-s here. There was a person named Tussaud so the apostrophe is called for. I cannot find a reason why but I can find many references to the fact that there is no apostrophe.