Mar 13, 2007

Dream Interpretation

I've heard many theories about "meaning" within dreams. Some will say "water stands for knowledge" and so on. That's somewhat like saying your subconscious mind is a like an author following a formal code to create a private screen-play you view in your mind at night.

Without thinking about it too much, for the longest time I have felt that there is really a more plausible explanation for it all. It's this: your subconscious is just creating imagery that is consistent with the emotions you are already dealing with.

So, say you feel threatened in a work situation -- you may dream of being robbed (both are threatening). A dream involves some physical limitation (running? talking?) -- but lately you've been thinking that some external factor is causing you to miss out on an opportunity (emotionally both are frustrating). Financial worries plus dreams of being chased (too obvious). It works just as well for happy dreams too.

I can't recall a dream in years (mine or one described to me) in which I could not fairly easily match up the action with a prominent day-time emotion.