Jul 8, 2010

Google Maps does Bicycling Directions!

I don't know how long this "beta" feature has been available but I just noticed it. I was using the usual "driving directions" feature to get an idea for a bike route between Chicago and Kenosha Wisconsin.  I hadn't noticed this before but there are now four icons above the area where you enter your starting and ending points.  The icons correspond to: driving, public transport, walking and bicycling.  This is brilliant!

Why Kenosha?  Well, there is a commuter train stop near where I live and the end of the line is Kenosha.  Since Metra allows bikes on trains I think it would be cool to take the train to the end of the line and bicycle back.  As most of you know -- it is much harder to get lost when heading towards home.  Anyway, the route Google gives me includes bike paths were they are available.  This is such a great idea.

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